Our Spa

Our Spa House

The beautiful Spa houses a large, romantic Jacuzzi, cool plunge pool and herbal steam room, as well as shower rooms allowing a full therapeutic experience before your massage.

We offer 15% discount for our in-house guests, if the booking is made between 10am - 3pm.

Opening Hours: 10am–9pm Latest spa - booking taken at 8pm.

Our Treatment

All of our spa treatments commence with a luxurious lemongrass and lime infused foot bath

Massage Therapies

Neck & Shoulder Massage 30min US $25
Lao Massage 60min US $55
Lao Massage 90min US $65
Lao Massage 120min US $75

Aromatherapy oil massage

Oil Massage 60min US $65
Oil Massage 90min US $75
Oil Massage 120min US $85


Body package

Body Scrub with
Neck & Shoulder Massage

60min US $55
Body Scrub with Lao Massage 90min US $80
Body Scrub with Oil Massage 90min US $70

Body Scrub

Body Scrub 45min US $35

Facial treatment

Maknao Facial Treatment (men) 60min US $65
Sumsun Facial Treatment (ladies) 60min US $65

Facial package

Facial Treatment
with Nail Attention

1h 45min US $90

Hand and foot care

Noum Nouan Smooth Hands 45min US $30
Foot Beauty Ritual 45min US $30
Foot Reflexology 50min US $40
Nail Attention (toenails) 45min US $35
Nail Attention (fingernails) 45min US $35

Satri house day spa

For Ladies / US $85

10h00: Welcome Drink - Foot Bath Ritual
10h15: Noum Nouan Smooth Hands
11h20: Sum Sun Moisturizing Facial
12h30: Enjoy the Pool 


For Gentlemen / US $85 

10h00: Welcome Drink - Foot Bath Ritual
10h15: Maknao Facial
11h20: Neck & Shoulder Massage
12h30: Enjoy the Pool

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